It’s been a while ago since DJ’s had a well-known problem: “Which tracks should I use for my festival live set?” If we’re lucky, we can attend small events again soon. That means we need to help the artists with choosing tracks! So, which tracks from 2020 shouldn’t be missing? We need to catch up with a lot of tunes!

Written by: Mark Benthem

Tiësto & 7 Skies ft. RebMoe – Frequency

This track has been teased for a long time! On the moment that it got released, we heard of Coronavirus for the first time. Our desire to a bunch of festivals where Frequency will be played gets bigger and bigger every time we listen to it! This one needs to catch up some mainstages!

Earth N Days – Just Be Good To Me

‘Just Be Good To Me’ needs to be tagged as ‘Partystarter’! From the first moment we got addicted to the on-going drive and joy. It goes on and on!

Declain – High On Love

Like we said earlier in our review, ‘High On Love’ has a big WOW-factor a mainstage banger requires. The uplifting chords and brutal buildup contain a fine taste of big room influences we’re absolutely enjoying!

Dastic & Castion – Can’t Stop Dancing

We’ve chosen ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ because it is an ideal ‘appetizer’. What we’re trying to say is that this track can be played before you drop the real bangers of the set. It will suit a lot of performances, for sure! We think the DJ’s won’t skip it, when they’re on tour again.

HÄWK & Amy Miyu – I Got It

A great song to combine uplifting music with because of it’s high ‘jump’-level. It contains a minimal, yet punchy lead and it blends into a very danceable part. ‘I Got It’ belongs to the category of records what will cause an earthquake when played.

Michael Calfan – Last Call

The long awaited ‘Last Call’ is finally on the market! It seems like the recognizable lead keeps on going endless and keeps interesting! Fortunately for Mashup artists, it’s still instrumental. Perfect to put you twist on the track.

The Giver – One Water Please

Last, but not least, our favorite on the list. The Tech House hype is still going and this pearl hasn’t had the the chance to sparkle on the dancefloor! Just like ‘I Got It’, ‘One Water Please’ keeps you moving all the time, but in the Tech House way: a solid and tough 4/4 kickstart synth!

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Author: Mark

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