Hi everybody how are you? I hope it’s ok.

Well, I will tell you in summary, in my experience I am watching the WARP ACADEMY and GROOVE3 courses and so far, I find better content in groove3 and much more extensive, I learn more clearly, great. But I was wondering if anyone can recommend me to a particular person, a DJ who has his own courses …

I also learned a lot from YouTube, but something is always missing or it does not present the whole picture to you, let’s say …. I am looking to finish my study on this whole world. And for that I need a last professional to tell me things up front, let’s say … haha. Well thanks for any contribution in advance!

PD1: i find myself a little hard to make good subs and basses.. not in mixing, just in the time to choose one and get it fit into the mix.

PD2: im around Techno if this helps… but i love too doing some deep house sometimes.

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