I’ve seen posts here and heard it said many times before: “I have loads of unfinished projects”. This is a problem I used to think was unique to me and my friend but over time I have heard or read this soo many times I realize it must be something many of us battle with.

In the beginning of the pandemic I had some extra time and told myself “I will finish a song no matter what”, and in fact did indeed starting churning out more complete bodies of work. Although there are many tutorials and posts on this, I wanted to share the tips that personally helped me. Nothing is one-size-fits all and this may or may not help you.


One of the most helpful things for me is to develop some kind of them or motif for a track to get it going. The theme or motif may take many forms, such as a vocal sample you think sounds cool, or perhaps inspiration from a particular lead sound in a track you like. Before starting your track, think of a vocal cut, or a song that you draw inspiration from. You don’t have to copy the exact lead you take inspiration from, but you can look at the tempo, key, etc. COPY, then recreate. A vocal may seem like there is nothing to inspire, but the voice is also an instrument and can be very complimentary to an idea.


Over time in your production you will find some cool techniques and methods, many of them being unique to you! When you are ”stuck” on a track go through some of the tricks you learned along the way, dig deep down. ”What if I did this or that?” – try it! The more random the better. I try many different ideas on a track then delete it if I find it nots working. NO SWEAT. We can come up with more ideas, probably another 100. I head a producer say Thats what we do!


You should get in the habbit of just hitting record on some of your VST leads and get them into audio. Once you cut up the best bits its 10x easier to mess around and have fun with audio than twisting the filter cutoff on a lead.


JUST. KEEP. AT IT. Seriously – I used to give up waaay to fcking easy back in the day. I got bored of the track or whatever and couldn’t see it potential. You must just keep working on your project until it IS done. Do whatever, if you must, copy the first part and duplicate it, then add varioations to that.


Years later I stumble across tracks I started and WISH I had the project file because it sounds dope again. NEVER delete your projects, back them up and take real good care of them.

***Above all take care of your ears***

Cheers everyone and if you wanna take a listen check out my soundcloud


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