Alexander 23 is an Indie Pop artist who has just released an EP titled Oh No, Not Again!. Having blown up on the app Tik Tok, thanks to his 2020 single “IDK You Yet,” Alexander has been able to begin sharing his music with the world on a much greater scale than he first expected. His new EP is already blowing up.

For those who have yet to hear his smooth, acoustic sound, Alexander’s music presents a calming and comfortable feel. It creates a peaceful energy that is simply lovable. His EP is the perfect example of this.

Oh No, Not Again! may be about Alexander’s own experiences with broken hearts, but the EP is utterly lovable. On top of that, it’s an extremely relatable project. It is sweet and relentless in a heartbreaking way that you just can’t tear yourself away from. Every track has its own gorgeous quality that keeps you coming back for more.

If you’re not already obsessed with Alexander 23 and his music, now is the time to start. His EP, which features “IDK You Yet” is out now and perfect for replaying over and over again. Oh No, Not Again! is easy to fall in love with, even if it is about heartbreak.

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