Pls read the post. i know often yall dont, but im asking this time, since i have further questions.

I’ve been getting into the idea of listening to songwriters of other as of late. It all started after listening to the Same Old Love demo Charlie XCX did, and i thought it was cool to see someone i actively listened to wrote for so many other, bigger, pop artists (even though i already knew this information, but listening to that brought back that to mind). I don’t specifically know how one thing led to another, but i found out about Sasha Sloan, who has written for Katy Perry, Charli, and Camila. I then remembered Julia Michaels has helped written a lot of good pop songs, and I checked out her music. Disappointed to find out her solo work was nowhere as good as the songs she’s written for. I still found her music cute and sobering though. I also somehow really like her voice.

are there any pop songwriters who have work of their own? it doesnt even have to be just pop (like Victoria Monet for instance), but i am especially looking for that.

and if they do, do you think it’s as good as the songs they helped wrote, better, or worse?

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