As I became better at producing and my music started incorporating more live instruments like guitars and pianos, I find myself struggling to do all the magic with just samples. For example, I may find a guitar sample on Splice and I like the motif and the sound of guitar, but a couple of notes are wrong for my song and I would like a bit different melody. I don’t own Kontakt libraries (expensive as hell and programming all those live instruments digitally is not very intuitive to me, e.g. strumming, pitch bends etc. – though I’ve seen KSHMR being able to do that in his own productions) nor do I own the recording capabilities and instruments to pull it off myself.

So I was wondering if there’s a good place where I can lay down a basic motif/melody and request someone to create a nice sounding live instrument loop for me (and not for hundreds of $$$ but at a more affordable price). Perhaps Fiverr? But AFAIK it’s very much a hit or miss.

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