So I started music production making a lot of sampled hip hop/boom bap stuff but I’ve also always incorporated electronic elements/heavy hitting drums (a la Gramatik). Now I’m starting to get better at sound design and want to incorporate wubs with my sampled beats to make something funkier (Pretty Lights, Marvel Years, Griz, etc.).

I suppose i have two questions:
1) What are good basses to help establish that funky wubby sound? I like saws a lot with this type of production but i want to build more movement there… square waves? FM? What do i do to get these super toasty wubs.
2) When mixing the actual sample — beyond sidechaining — what are good tips? I usually EQ so it’s just the interesting parts to give my bass some space, but should i cut off the highs? cut out the snares? Again, any tips are helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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