Out today, ‘Delorean’ is the new album for artist LJ Pheonix. ‘Delorean’ is available to stream and download here.

While channelling futuristic beats, layered over 80s inspired synths, LJ Pheonix’s strong vocals call to mind the sound of David Bowie, New Order, and even early Bono. The thirteen track release is a concept album, set in a “Blade Runner” style world, where the issues of the current day manifest themselves in people’s personal lives. In ‘Delorean’, technology has advanced further than we could ever imagine right now, but society is still out of control. LJ Pheonix takes these themes and brings them to life with his lyrics, serving as a dire warning for the future.

UK based singer songwriter LJ Pheonix grew up in the nineties, and it was his childhood dream to one day sing on stage, just like his hero, Michael Jackson. Now, in 2022, and with incredible music like ‘Delorean’ to support him, he is set to take the world on.

Find out more about LJ Pheonix and his music online on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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Author: Lisa Hafey

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