I feel like as we get better, it becomes harder to make music. I’ve noticed in myself when I started I was able to finish tracks to full length in one day. They would be surface level tracks, but nonetheless they were complete. Overtime as I grew, I found that I not only have more options but more levels that I can improve a sound. Each one of these adjustments is time digging deeper. This results in not being able to finish a track in a day anymore.

There are simply too many options and refinements being made along the way our creation. We are putting our energy into digging deeper while not putting the energy outwards. Before, it was placing down the basics immediately and then calling it a track. Yes it was a simple track, but the digging had been done across the entire canvas. You can always dig deeper later, what’s important is where you manage your time.

Ideally, I believe you want the ability to transfer your entire vision as fluidly as possible which means it needs to be quick and seamless. I don’t believe it’s easy to ever get back into the same feeling that you had when you first discovered a melody you liked. Think about it. It’s a unique golden moment in time, and it fades. It gets replaced by another, because we’re human and we grow and change. The same thing happens with our vision for a track. Let yourself create when you are feeling it the most. Finish your tracks in a day. Capture the essence of the real fun you had creating your track rather than working on tracks that you’re just trying to get through.

As musicians our responsibility is to capture that moment and serve it on a plate. If you can do it in a day then it’s so much more authentic because the feeling that was felt of that day is not lost or diluted with other feelings. Anyways, I believe the answer is to simplify and create. Set the goal to finish a full song in one day, even if the sounds are not refined, and then go back and add all the depth with sound design magic.

I think many of us are lost in starting tracks and finishing them. And we make the mistake right in the beginning when we start to get too deep in refinements. We end up with only two or three layers and a fraction of a track because we’re messing around too much with the details. Start big, draw the full picture out. Otherwise you’re leaving certain parts waiting to be drawn by a you that will be more tired of the song and just not as passionate about it. You will cause that feeling of not liking the song anymore to have an impact on the rest of the creation. I hope someone gets some use out of this.

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