Bart Skils Rings in a ‘New Era’ for Techno This Summer

Bart Skils, one of Drumcode’s most sedulous producers, is bringing the heat this summer with a trio of dancefloor blazers in his New Era EP. Over the last 18 months, the artists has released two Truesoul EP’s, a cut on A-Sides Vol.10 and now New Era, his second EP on Drumcode within a year. However, each piece is special and has its own unique charm; the album serving as a well-rounded techno sampler for the summer. The superb “All Over My Body” feat. Superchumbo showcases a cheeky vox hook that hits us right in our feels and feet, while “Golden Temple’s” massive synths will catch the listener off guard and throw them into a metamorphic trance. Lastly “Dub Killer” is absolutely mesmerizing; building into something truly strange and wonderful halfway through as it entrances listeners with a winding vocal drop. You can check out the fantastic EP from Bart Skils HERE.

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Author: Young Park

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