Best Ways to Promote your Music in 2021

As the world is changing each year so does the music marketing techniques. Every musician wants to promote their music so that people hear them. Musicians want that people love their music and support them in what they love.

You would never want to give your all into creating something which people aren’t interested at all. Right? You want people to hear you, and for that, you have to promote your music out there.

You have to use the techniques that build you a loyal fans base as well as pay you for your voice and talent.

2020 has by far become the worst year for everyone as well as for well-known musicians. Many musicians are struggling due to this pandemic for making music that people want to hear.

This article will help you with building your voice as a musician. Dig in if you think that now is the time that people finally judge your talent.

1. Social Media Marketing

May you think that social media marketing? I already know that, but are you utilizing it the right way? Most of the world population is on social media now, and it can be a suitable place for your music.

Social media platforms won’t cost you anything to build an audience that recognizes you. Show interest in other people’s music. Leave a thoughtful comment and engage with other musicians. Appreciate their work, and it will help you get recognized.

Using these platforms might give you massive exposure, and your music can get viral. Make creative content that inspires people so that you can build your community.

Another thing that will help you a lot is that continuous engagement with your fans. Tell your fans that how thankful you are for their love and support.

Social media is evolving daily, and you can use this for your benefit by using the right strategies. You can use the paid advertisement feature for releasing your new song or album. Keep creating new content for people so that they can cherish your talent.

2. Create Valuable Content

Your content is the most important thing because it will help people to know about you. Creating quality and useful content will increase your fan base.

People like something refreshing and the content with which they could relate. Your efforts in promoting your work will only be fruitful if your content is organic.

Do you want people to love you and acknowledge your music? Then you should focus on making quality content for them.

3. Share Your Music

There are many music platforms where you can share your music for people to hear from you. These music platforms have many people who want to hear something new and creative.

People on music platforms will hear you and recognize your music. Add variety by marketing your music on social media and sharing your work on the music platforms.

You can target your audience through these platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud. Sharing your new songs on these platforms will help you to know people response.

Search about the requirements of each platform before sharing your work. Don’t stick to one platform and explore different media. These music platforms will help you give exposure to your music.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key; you may have heard this saying. It’s true that when you’re consistent in your work, it pays you back.

This strategy will help you a lot in promoting your music in the year 2021. Releasing your new songs and albums will help you build a loyal fan base.

People will wait for every new song if you’re consistent and regular. You can schedule your albums or songs releasing dates. Share on your social media platforms the release date of your next single.

Give each of your single enough time in its promotion and share it on different music platforms. You can reach out to many people with this simple strategy.

5. Local Advertising

You may be thinking about what local advertising is and why use it? When you could use your social media. Let me explain it to you.

You can also use traditional methods to promote your music. You can design the flyers of your new album or song covers. Use these flyers to promote your music in your local audience.

You can paste these flyers on the streets, or you can also give them to music shops or studios. By submitting your flyers on music, studios may help you get a giant music project that you dreamed.

6. Collaboration

Yes, you read it right. Collaborating with other musicians can help you a lot with getting exposure. You can create daily podcasts on Instagram, or you can make music with other musicians by collaborating.

Many musicians are willing to feature new talent in their podcasts.

Many music communities would also want to Collabs with you. You can also use sound clouds for your podcasts.

Reach out to other people who are in your field and feature them in your podcasts or music. You can share this on your social media and music website.

7. Build Your Merchandise

You can build your album merch by knowing about your audience and what they love. It will help you gain more fan following. You can set a budget that’s ideal for you and come up with beautiful and creative products.

Building your town merch will help you in getting more exposure. Your fans will love your merch, and it will be excellent support for your music journey by your fans.


We indeed live in a competitive world, and it can be hectic sometimes. But if you love what you’re doing and you want to become a famous musician. You have to give it your all to succeed in the music industry.

You can use the tactic mentioned above for promoting your music in 2021. With the help of these seven strategies, you can embark a successful musical journey.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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