Blanke Dives Deep Into Drum & Bass Territories Thr….
Blanke Dives Deep Into Drum & Bass Territories Thr….

Canberra-raised Blanke is blasting into the new year with his latest release, ‘Mystery’. This new single sees sleek synth work, dancing around the ecstatic rolling breaks to keep energies locked to a maximum throughout the full offering. Colossal distorted bass tones add a mind-altering twist to the song with a captivating female vocalist providing an infectious topline. A long emotive breakdown sees Blanke build the tension with finesse until the breaks come crashing back in for the end finale. Watch the official video below!

On the release, Blanke shared in a press statement, “’Mystery’ is one of my favourite records to date. It brings together my love for drum and bass, melodies, bass design and beautiful vocals all into one. It still takes me on a ride every time; I hope it resonates with you as well.”

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