Hi, all. Thanks to everyone who joined in for the last Friday night bluegrass jam two weeks ago. I’ll be doing it again this Friday evening (1/15, 7:30 pm Eastern time).

I’ll play a selection of common bluegrass jam tunes, starting at a slow tempo and slowly ramping it up as we go along. Join me, & let’s do some picking!

Here’s the link for the stream: https://youtu.be/EA8WaLGNWFA

Here’s the songlist I have planned, let me know if there’s something in particular you want to play but isn’t on the list & hopefully I can work it in.

In the Pines, 115 bpm, G

Wildwood Flower, 150 bpm, C

Cora is Gone, 125 bpm, D (C capo 2)

Over the Waterfall, 160 bpm, D (C capo 2)

Fisher’s Hornpipe, 165 bpm, D

Paradise, 165 bpm, D (C capo 2)

I Am a Pilgrim, 165 bpm, G

Blackberry Blossom, 170 bpm, G

Bury Me Beneath the Willow, 170 bpm, G

Temperance Reel 175 bpm, G

Little Cabin Home on the Hill, 175 bpm, D (C capo 2)

St. Anne’s Reel, 180 bpm, D (C capo 2)

Sitting on Top of the World, 185 bpm, D (C capo 2)

Whiskey Before Breakfast, 190 bpm, D

Will the Circle Be Unbroken, 195 bpm, A (G capo 2)

Black Mountain Rag, 200 bpm, A (G capo 2)

Keep on the Sunny Side, 200 bpm, A (G capo 2)

Gold Rush, 205 bpm, A (G capo 2)

Take this Hammer, 210 bpm, A (G capo 2)

Cherokee Shuffle, 215 bpm, A (G capo 2)

More Pretty Girls Than One, 215 bpm, D (C capo 2)

Angelina Baker, 220 bpm, D (C capo 2)

Nine Pound Hammer, 220 bpm, G

Big Sciota, 220 bpm, G

The Old Home Place, 225 bpm, G

Foggy Mountain Breakdown, 225 bpm, G

How Mountain Girls Can Love, 230 bpm, A (G capo 2)

Old Joe Clark, 230 bpm, A (G capo 2)

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