What do you guys think? I’m honestly so tired of this sub being like 85% ”how do you make x sound? What synth do I need to buy?” with a yt link to some random track who might or might not sound really basic. These posts just bring nothing to the table and never sparks interesting discussion. I think this sub might be better if we had a thread for that specific purpose just like the feedback thread. Thoughts? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t try and reverse engineer sounds from tracks, but damn at this Point this sub should almost change name to ”how do I make this synth sound”

Edit: I want to add that I also think there’s a difference between linking a track and wanting a exact sound, and for example asking a more general question like ”hey guys, I am not that good at making pads and wonder if anyone has any good pointers and tips to improve”. That (to me) is interesting and Will generate discussion while ”how do I make setaoc mass kick in this track” just does not. And again, I still think that that is a totally legit question if you want to learn, but prefferably in a dedicated thread so it doesn’t just saturate the subreddit with synth recipe threads.

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