Everglow Yiren abruptly halts promotions and returns to China amid “greetings” scandal

Article: “Refused to do a ‘deep bow'”…Everglow Yiren suddenly goes to China

Source: Herald Economy

Everglow‘s Yiren will be taking a break from domestic activities.

On the 10th, her agency Yuehua Entertainment posted a notice on the group’s fan cafe and stated, “Yiren will return to China from the middle of this month to the end of February for academic reasons. She plans to take a short break with her family who she hasn’t seen for a while due to covid. During this period, Everglow will promote as a 5-member group and proceed with plans as scheduled.”

Meanwhile, Yiren is currently under controversy for refusing to do a “deep bow” during New Year greetings with fans, opting instead to do “Chinese” greeting. 

Local media Global Times reported that “Yiren was receiving praise by Chinese netizens for choosing to do Chinese greetings” causing further controversy. In a follow-up article titled, “Koreans are overreacting to Chinese culture,” Global Times wrote, “cultural products such as dramas need to be inclusive. Such criticisms from Koreans are an obstacle to the spread of Korean culture.”

Sungshin Women University Professor, Seo Gyeong-deok retorted on SNS, “I want to ask if Global Times is qualified to give such advice. Learn the law first!”

  1. [+10,778, -40] They’re saying she’s going back to China for “school” but I’m reading this as her getting kicked out. This should be yet another lesson for agencies to realize there will never be good results or endings if they include Chinese kids in their idol groups.
  2. [+5,773, -39] Now that she’s gotten her name out there, she’s going to ignore Korea and run away to China like all other Chinese kids. Agencies that continue to pick and debut these disloyal kids deserve to get hit with scandals. Wake up!
  3. [+1,824, -37] Goodbye. And don’t come back!
  4. [+1,642, -29] How is her “greeting” considered Chinese style anyway. Is that how the Chinese say hello? Looks like a 5 or 6 yr old choding doing aegyo for her mom and dad..
  5. [+1,607, -31] Ch*nks being ch*nks…
  6. [+422, -7] Ah, this is why Henry is amazing. He would never do such a thing.
  7. [+398, -5] Everglow…Yuehua…they’re all Chinese. Chengxiao ran away to China too. These Chinese ba$tards keep debuting fake “Korean” idol groups in our country. Agencies operating under the guise of a Korean entertainment company need to get banned from being established in the first place. 
  8. [+343, -3] If she’s such a “great” and “superior” Chinese, why come all the way to a small country like Korea to make money? Stay in China and don’t crawl back out! Stay there and devote yourself to the great CCP.
  9. [+327, -6] They do this so that they’re treated like heroes in China. Please, no more Chinese kids from now on. We’re really lucky that BTS doesn’t have any Chinese members…
  10. [+132, -3] Whether it’s a boy group or girl group, let’s skip Chinese members..
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