Clifford Goilo and Rasm Viberg are the two men behind Saint Djuni. Both Clifford and Rasm come from some fairly distinct and prominent mical backgrounds; Bakermat, Jeremy Renner, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Next to Neon, and Moment to name a few. Saint Djuni is creating a brilliant atmosphere on their new track “Favorite Place,” a track that is an homage for all of wishing this pandemic and all that has happened could jt have a redo. No better place, than your favorite place… yep, sounds great!

Ultimately the song itself is ripe with melody, sonic transforms, and layered sounds. I think the creativity throughout the track is stunning. This is a powerful song, both lyrically and instrumentally. The vocals are unique, a bit quirky, and endearing. I think it’s jt a bright spot in the track. Looking for much more from this duo.

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Author: Jonahholliday

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