Földes – Breakdown (ft. Davis Mallory)
Földes – Breakdown (ft. Davis Mallory)

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Földes is a DJ and producer hailing from Malmö, Sweden. Ever since he discovered the art of DJing, Földes developed a huge passion for music, and he had been dreaming about sharing his high-energy sets with the world! It’s safe to say, he lived up to the dream, playing live and creating great vibes for the audience. From his hometown, down to exciting destinations all around the world. He even had the opportunity to share the stage with legends like Armin Van Buuren, as well as Nicky Romero and David Guetta, only to mention a few! His DJ sets and high quality productions are inspired by many House music subgenera, denoting a diverse and fresh style. It’s all about tight low end, lush atmospheres, striking melodies and hooks that will not leave your head easily. Földes keeps playing energetic sets and releasing music with various labels. His songs have been well-received on Beatport, Spotify and other platforms, allowing more people to discover his music. 2020 is going to be a busy year for Földes, who is planning on perform more and releasing more tracks. Stay tuned!


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