G-IDLE Soojin’s accuser A exposes her mother’s “attitude” at her ‘school bullying’ hearing

Article: “Soojin’s IG accuser is trying to expose Soojin’s mother”

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What she’s trying to do is ridiculous.

This is what the IG accuser A wrote on the board. She’s saying that when Soojin’s mother attended summons at her school for Soojin’s bullying, she said, “I thought you were going to praise our daughter for being so pretty ~.” She referred to an “additional victim” who sent her the DM about it and hundreds of other people who also agreed with it, but no other evidence.

This is what Soojin said in her last statement. She said that “the school violence committee opened a hearing for an incident that had nothing to do with her. She also said she wasn’t at fault for anything and her mother left the hearing in tears.”

When Soojin met with the IG exposer A and her dongsaeng face-to-face, she asked her about the school committee hearing incident and the answer she got back, after a long silence was, “I don’t know anything about your mother.”

As for the juice incident that she first wrote about in her initial revelation on IG, according to A, “Soojin forced her dongsaeng to buy 3,500 won juice, forced her to drink it and then swore at her on the phone.” Of course, this is just A’s side of the story but Soojin said “her friend kept breaking her promise so she got angry and swore at her leading to a fight.”

When Soojin was almost branded “school bully”, A did an IG live with a friend and said, “Soojin-ah, where are you? I’m on a taxi right now to come kill you.” Afterwards, she met with Soojin in school and apologized. At the time, Soojin was only 14 and A was a 20 yr old adult. But in her expose post, all she wrote was “Soojin cursed my dongsaeng” but didn’t mention threatening Soojin and apologizing to her.

There are people who are curious about the actual recording from the IG live but A said “she’d sue anyone that made the recording public ㅋㅋ.” If you look up, ‘Soojin IG live’ on the board, there are countless posts from people that watched it talking about it.

Anyways, I don’t understand people that mocked Soojin for saying “she can’t remember what happened 10 years ago” while spreading rumors about Soojin’s mother without clarifying that A clearly said “she doesn’t know” about it. I also don’t understand people that are posting articles from some “additional victim” without any evidence. Soojin’s mother suffered tremendous personal attacks as a result of this and Soojin’s sister’s identity was stolen. The whole family had to move away from their hometown where they had lived for more than 10 years. 

  1. [+249, -86] At first, all kinds of provocative stories about Soojin that she hit and slapped others, went on motorcycle rides, and was a school bully spread as if they were true. But if you take out the fake exaggerated parts, it’s really that she fought with her friend and cursed out someone. That’s it. Even if it was wrong of her to smoke and swear, she could’ve just reflected for a few months and made a comeback. She didn’t deserve to get buried over this. Even now, there are lots of idols that smoked and drank while students but are promoting just fine. 
  2. [+206, -63] We never got a conclusion to this so unless you were directly involved in the scandal, there’s no way to know what actually happened but she’s appealing to public opinion to take her side. Why is she gaslighting people and turning fans into psychopath b*tches. She’s only this confident because she’s hiding behind anonymous posts. She’s saying she won’t let it go but will accept it if she apologizes, does she think we’re stupid? It’s hilarious how the same Nate board that supported her initial claims is now calling out her inconsistencies. Her dongsaeng is the actual victim but she’s hiding while her unni is coming out. This is the most incomprehensible school bullying case I’ve seen so far. 
  3. [+171, -56] Exposer: My dongsaeng and I are victims…I’m the victim so everything I do is fine ~ 
  4. [+84, -16] Typical of pann nye*ns to say they’re tired of these posts now…when they were the ones that enjoyed it more than anyone when Soojin was getting cursed. 
  5. [+72, -8] What’s even more surprising is the fact that it’s the unni that’s doing interviews with reporters and not the actual victim..
  6. [+40, -0] Soojin’s case needs to get closed properly, otherwise, there will be these same ba$tards exposing lies in the future. It’s only a matter of time. 
  7. [+36, -0] They not only ruined Soojin’s life, but family’s identity was exposed and her dongsaeng is still a young student. They need to apologize to G-idle fans too. 

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