It’s very…..very…good

EDIT: Just finished the album and It’s a strong 8/10. The album experiments with multiple genres of EDM and it’s not afraid to take risks. I enjoyed almost every song from top to bottom. It’s not just a dubstep album, it has bass house and some drum n bass.

It did start to feel a bit of listening fatigue towards the end. The thing I’ll knock on the album for is that its a bit long.

I’m a huge fan of Excision and I don’t want to knock on his album. But if we are going to compare albums, Fractals is a more well put together and complete album. It doesn’t feel like a bunch of songs mushed together haphazardly. Every song on Fractals feels unique.

I think you will all get something out of this. It’s one of those albums where I’m tempted to listened to it from start to finish again.

Very enjoyable listen.

My favorite songs on here are FUNcKED, Take Flight VIP, Cyclops Rocks, and Gummy Worm, Open Your Mind, Cabin Fever

Also Subtronics if you are reading this….please make more bass house drops 😉✌️

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