Hear the rime of the Ancient Mariner

See his eyes as he stops one of three

Mesmerizes one of the wedding guests

Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the Sea

And the music plays on and the bride passes by

Caught by his spell and the Mariner tells his tale

Driven south to the land of the snow and ice

To a place where nobody’s been

Through the snow fog flies the albatross

Hailed in God’s name, hoping good luck it brings

Okay…I want to apologize for bringing you here under false pretenses. It was wrong of me and I will probably do it again.

“There Are No Changes To The Blacklist”

Thank you who participated in the Blacklist Discussion which happens on the eve of a Blacklist announcement to voice concerns and raise leading questions on how we run the sub. I am glad to say that the mods are okay with no changes FOR A SECOND QUARTER IN A ROW but I notice them stockpiling knives in their desks so I don’t know how long it will last.

Well fine….but there are STILL too many rules

We would like to thank the majority of support for our iron hand when it comes to moderation. Our authoritarian rule has made r/metal a place where almost 1.5 Million potential users come and just listen to music without much talking. We recognize that a lot of conversation happens in different threads, on our discord, or not at all. Compared to other subs we do not have many active discussions rather just users posting music and following the rules. Its like a library in here rather than recess. We are happy with that now but if you would like to see some change please let us know or head on over to /r/metalfree our anarchistic treehouse where you can put up all of the Slayer posters you want.

As Always, Any Complaints Can Be Directed To Our Newest Mod Team Members Or Please reach the mods at

But Seriously, What About More Discussions?

Occasionally we will get questions about the lack of discussion or even the lack of engagement on the sub. Some may think this is due to the amount of rules which stifle conversation. We would like to foster more conversation (in our own way) by bringing back an Off Topic Discussion / Rec Thread twice a month starting next Tuesday. This WILDCARD Tuesday will hopefully be the start of our long dead rotating Tuesday topic threads.

But I want 24/7 conversations, features, clubs, off topic threads, on topic threads with a global active userbase maybe in a separate app that is constantly being used and supported.

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