Summer is 2011. August I am riding a bike. Location: Rockville, MD

There is a track on radio. I have never heard anything like it before. Now we have shazam but than who knew about it. I mean its been around since 2006 but heck would it found a fresh deep house track, hell no.


I am looking for a Track! How fucked up is that? No lyrics, just a single word repeating couple of times.


Starting slow with the waves breaking on the beach and the seagulls chirping, slowly building up a steady bass. Not at all aggressive. Very pleasant combination of bass and sax, a very sad deep sax thorough out the entire track and a guy whispering “gooodd” couple of times.

I swear I have been looking this song for 10 years. Not a day passes without me checking out a few sites looking for it.

If anyone can help I would be eternally in their debt.

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