On 26 March the new long player from HOUND entitled “I Know My Enemies”(Metalville / Rough Trade) will be released. The band from Hildesheim and Hannover presents their most catchy and at the same time most versatile work so far.

Classic hard rock combined with funky, bluesy, punky and psychedelic elements.

Already the predecessor “Settle Your Scores” (2018) enthused the fans as well as the international press as a real pearl of vintage rock.

The new songs are both more mature and more playful. Hound tell enigmatic, dark and at the same time hopeful stories. And every single track is bursting with devotion and appetite.
and appetite.


1. Sleep In Thunder

2. Head Under Water

3. All Of Us

4 Fortune

5. Loyalty

6. I Smell Blood

7. Primetime

8. Without A Sound

9. Upside Down

10. The Abyss

11. The Downfall


Wanja Neite: vocals

John Senft: drums

Yannick Aderb: bass

Nando Grujic: guitars

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