Hey guys, this Thursday at 9:30 pm GMT, i’ll be giving a talk on Clubhouse on how to start your techno career the right way. I’ll be laying out everything I’ve learned this past year including some advice I have received from managers, established artists, and labels. Clubhouse username is “officialtet.” Everyone is free to join, for free, obviously.

A bit about myself: I have signed with some big melodic techno labels (Steyoyoke, Dear Deer, others) and have some independent releases as well. I have created a music video, and have racked up over 25k streams on Spotify alone. I have received support from mau5trap artist “Speaker Honey”. All this in the span of one year, and I know you can do it too. I started early January of 2020. I know their are so many questions when starting off, how do you send to labels, what quality, should I release independently, how do I improve, how do I stay motivated. These are questions that go through everyone’s mind, and as someone who started not too long ago, I will try my best to answer these questions in a simple and relatable manner in the clubhouse talk this Thursday.

I hope to see some of you from here there 🙂 Also, feel free to check my Instagram out for further information “officialtet”.

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