Professional music critics almost universally agree that “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, written by Paul McCartney, was one of the Beatles’ worst songs, and it’s even cited as one of the reasons why they broke up (since John, George and Ringo all hated it as well).

So why then do I actually love it? Probably partly because I’m a bit of a contrarian (I tend to think most professional critics are full of it, or at least I generally tend to like what they dislike and vice versa). Then there’s the fact that it combined some delightfully sick and twisted lyrics with a light, poppy rhythm long before “Weird Al” came on the scene.

And finally, it’s an homage to the old British music hall style of music (that the Beatles themselves had actually helped to kill). As an American, I rarely got the chance to hear those types of songs growing up, outside of Disney films set in the U.K. such as Mary Poppins, so when I do hear something in that style it’s a rare treat.

Also I’m on the autism spectrum so I’ve gone through life feeling like an oddball. If Paul loves the song he wrote and the other Beatles hate it, you bet I’m going to side with Paul.

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