My name is Max and I’ve continuously made all kinds of electronic music for 6 years and have developed a lot skills in the mix and master realm.

I’m ready to prove to you individually what I’m worth so that you will come back in the future with your next release.

My deal is:

I will mix and master/stem master your next song for FREE and your song after that for 20€

This will not be professional studio grade mix and master BUT it will be really solid for streaming services.


  • Send me your stems to my email at mavoidmusic@gmail.com via wetransfer or an email with an included download link, please also add your artist name.

  • Pick a number from 1-5 how creative/experimental/free you want me to be, where 1 is traditional and 5 is maybe an added phaser in the buildup 😉

  • Other thoughts and preferences


Please group your sounds in to UNDER 10 different stems with kick, and bass separated, for example: Kick, Bass, drums, Lead, Lead 2, atmosphere, FX

Please also turn off all reverbs that are there for “space”, and leave reverbs be if they are important to you, the character of the sound or the arrangement.

Genre experience: All kinds house, pop, trap, techno, electro, dubstep, electronica

My focus WILL lie in the end stages of mixing to the master stage. I will not meticulously add delay to your lead BUT I will make all your elements work together in a coherent track.

I’m looking for people that want their music to be online but for example are struggling with making an exciting mix, managing the kick and bass relationship or can’t get it to commercial loudness. I’m also looking for people that feel they are fine with outsourcing the mix and master process and are actually ready to pay the fee for your next release.

Let me be your engineer. I want to be the stepping stone between your finished but loosely mixed song and the pumping and clean track it deserves to be.

Please ask if you have any questions. All submissions not following the rules above will be ignored.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU.

  • Max

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