I desperately need help ASAP with this! Hope everyone is having a great first month of ‘21!

My issue is the RMX 16 makes this unwanted slap delay and I can’t fix it as explained below. I just want the sound space of that reverb not the slap back delay. I am using the RMX ambiance 0. Does the reverb or impulse response you tell me give me THIS sound below without slap delay? https://mega.nz/file/ftAAjL4Q#Qab4skxTaxIAYngYNBTWeIctY9aq1ekEkIlxLo_0V90

I have emailed with Audio Ease and the guy said it was how the real gear sounded so they kept the impulse response the same.

We have tried mono in mono out through sends in Ableton as well😒

Is there ANY way to fix this with another impulse response plugin or similar sound to the mega link above?

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