One day, late in the afternoon, I was driving home. The radio was turned on and Mr. Speaker talked about two composers that approached music with (radical?) differences: Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms. He even commented how the poetic titles of Liszt were nothing like the straightforward titles of Brahms pieces. Anyway, I really liked the music that Mr. Speaker played of Liszt. Went home and since then he kind became my favorite composer. Before this, I occasionally listened to Beethoven, Chopin, but none of them were like Franz Liszt. The “6 consolations” and “Liebestraum” have an impact upon me much bigger than “Nocturnos” of Chopin ever did. I really was blown away.

So, my fellow redditors, what do you think about his compositions? Are they just a “pretty melody” that everyone easily likes? His Liszt good in what he does? Did he bring something new or “unique” to the music history or was just a copycat? Is he popular?

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