So I think i have a good understanding on how they are used in the production process. But regardless of what I do, my music never sounds as clean as the tracks I use for reference (even when they are very similar in style).

I know I am missing something but i really dont know what!

It’s not loudness, its something in the processing. For example, my kicks sound too punchy and boomy even after compression and so on, hi hats sound too unnatural…..the whole mix just doesn’t sound complete.

I know mastering changes things a bit, but the difference between my tracks and professional ones is still too big, i really dont think its a mastering issue.

Im doing all the things I should be – cutting unnecessary low end, careful EQing, Compression, Saturation, etc. I make sure the low end peaking at the same value as the reference tracks.

So I guess my question is – after comparing my music to a reference tracks and noticing the differences, how do I go about improving the sound of my track? Any tips that are not commonly mentioned will be of help! Sorry if it sound more like a rant than a question but i genuinely am looking for answers! Thanks for reading!

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