juuku Joins Forces With Ryan Nealon On Mesmerizing Single ‘Save U’
juuku Joins Forces With Ryan Nealon On Mesmerizing Single ‘Save U’

Lost In Dreams is the latest project from Insomniac, with the mission of forging an unprecedented fairytale experience for music fans. In order to flip reality on its head, the brand seeks to showcase a variety of new-wave talent, within the realm of melodic dubstep and future bass. Since its debut in 2021, Lost In Dreams has been hosted by many innovative artists, such as Kaivon, Haywyre, and more.

The music label and brand has now decided to take things to the next level with the release of their 2022 festival compilation, featuring the surreal single of “save u” by jukku and Ryan Nealon. juuku is a gifted electronic music producer who has kept his identity hidden, which in turn has grown his persona as an artist into a movement much larger than himself. As an advocate for raising awareness of depression and recognizing the importance of mental health, juuku conveys his message through his music.

Speaking out on his new track, juuku states, “‘save u’ is a letter to myself, on one of my darkest days of depression—feels like I’ve been going through that a lot these days. I wanted to paint a picture of how dark it’s gotten and how much weight I’ve been feeling lately. But I also wanted to remind myself how far I’ve gotten and that I’m the only one that can bring me out of this darkness.” 

Through a mesmerizing opening piano progression, LA-based indie-pop singer Ryan Nealon delivers passionate vocals that infect the listener with raw emotions. Utilizing powerful drums and heavenly string instruments, juuku adds a layer of sentimental authenticity to the track.

In its entirety, “save u” urges listeners to practice self-love and spread it to the people around them. The single drops one week before juuku’s highly anticipated performance at the second annual Lost In Dreams festival in Downtown Las Vegas. When the upcoming melodic star plays “save u” live at the event, juuku is sure to move a couple of steps closer to fulfilling his purpose as an artist.

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