Not quite EDM but it’s electronic and you guys seem knowledgeable so hopefully this doesn’t get removed

I’ll try to be concise.

What I have:

Focusrite 18i20 Interface

That small Behringer headphone amp

Roland TD17KVX as a midi controller/trigger for superior drummer 3

Axe FX 2

3 pairs of Audio-technica ATH-M40x Pro Studio Monitor Headphones

Ableton Live 10


I want to jam with my friends live and record if I feel like it. I want it to sound really good and loud over headphones so we can really feel it. I don’t want to hear the clicking of drumsticks on the pads at all (because it should be loud enough) and I don’t want to be able to hear outside the headphones at all. Just good powerful music.


Not nearly loud enough through headphones.

I have the interface headphone output routed to the headphone amp and both outputs are all the way up. Volume is not even halfway where I need it

My master track on Ableton cannot be turned up more without clipping. I believe the bottleneck is SD3. I have to lower the volume of everything else to mix with SD3 well, which leaves me with a good but quiet mix.

What I’ve tried:

I’ve been trying to reduce the processing power on the master track to be able to turn it up more. I have multi channel routing on Ableton for SD3. So all my toms have a high pass filter at about 150 Hz to remove any low rumbling. I do this on snare, guitars, toms, keys etc. I even put a 20 Hz high pass filter on bass and kick. It definitely helped lower the processing power and allowed me to turn the master up some, but it’s still not nearly loud enough.

The problem is not velocities on SD3. I have it set up correctly so that when I hit the pads with my comfortable “hard” hit, it registers as a max velocity hit on SD3.

I’d imagine the best and most genuine solution is to try other audio production tricks to help lower the processing power and increase the master volume. That way if I do record it, it comes out at a decent volume right from the original export. However I am open to alternatives. One idea I’m thinking is buying a much better headphone amp that can add more power to the signal and then bam, I’m done. Only downside to that is if I record and export it’ll be a quiet WAV file and I have to do production tricks for that specific song anyways, which isn’t a huge deal really. I’m a noob producer so I don’t know that many production tricks

Any advice would be helpful


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