Taken from the album “Portal Tombs”, out February 4th, 2022

featuring Jonas Renkse (clean vocals) and Jonas Stålhammar (guitar solo)
Directed by: Niklas Sandin
Produced by: Niklas Sandin, Mass Worship
Creature design and sculpture by Dadde Stark
Makeup and additional creative input by Melanie Schmidt
Huge thanks to Tomas Åkvik!

Orcus Mouth
As silence breaks through
The noise of man
And ruins collapse
To grains of sand

Who are we to be spared
The void of care
Into the dark entrails
Of our despair

By the abyss
To exist

In servitude to death

(Oh, Orcus)

Swept by beams of dismal light
Carry us home
In servitude till end of time
Carry us home

Swept by beams of dismal light
In servitude till end of time

Lock with his eyes
At the center of earth
Let the chatter subside
And so we witness
The crowning of Orcus
We are past the time of his exile

(Oh, Orcus)
(Oh, Orcus)

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