More idols exposed for “Chinese” greetings + “Everglow” scandal causes further outrage in Korea

Article: “Korea should “deep bow” as a colony of China”… Girl group that went silent spreads further disrespect to Korea

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Everglow Yiren‘s “Chinese greeting” controversy is causing further anger among Koreans.

On the 8th, Chinese state media ‘Observer Network‘ published an article titled, “Chinese girl group idol Wang Yi-ren was scolded by Koreans for not kneeling for New Year greetings and told to “Go back to China.”

They wrote, “Korean media reported on the scandal and said “Chinese traditions allow for bowing only to the heavens, earth and parents” but Koreans are in “denial” and won’t accept it.”

The media outlet then revealed that prior to “Yiren incident” other Chinese idols working in Korea also encountered a similar situation but because “kneeling is highest symbol of respect in China” the idols had to use other methods. The reporter then shared list of active idols to include GOT7 JacksonEXO Tao, and 2 Seventeen members who used “other” methods to avoid a “deep bow” when they attended various Korean programs and retorted, “forcing someone to kneel is considered “shameful.” 

Chinese netizens who saw the article praised Yiren and stated, “Korea itself was a Chinese colony. The cultural traditions of colonies can be different however all slaves still had to get down on their knees.” 

Another netizen stated, “Korea has long been a vassal state of China so it’s natural for Koreans to be “on their knees” so I don’t understand why they’re causing such a fuss now under guise of “etiquette.”

  1. [+3,907, -11] F*ck off to your country!
  2. [+2,408, -33] If you came to our country to make money, get on your knees or scr*w off back to China!
  3. [+1,520, -49] Our only allies are the U.S and Japan. North Korea and China are our eternal enemies. There are uneducated people in our country that are trying to distort this but we need to make sure socialist forces in the activist movement don’t rise to power ever again.
  4. [+1,036, -7] There are so many loud Chinese ba$tards living in our country, f*ck right off back to China.
  5. [+159, -5] We need to confiscate any property owned by the Chinese and deport them back to the CCP.
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  7. [+98, -1] No more Chinese idols!
  8. [+92, -1] Kill off all Chinese.
  9. [+79, -1] Really glad BTS has no Chinese members…
  10. [+22, -1] Send back all Chinese members!

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