More victim accounts reveal Kim Dong Hee bullied a disabled classmate

Article: More victims accuse Kim Dong Hee of school violence “He choked me and threatened me in school… called to apologize”

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+3,841, -5] He kicked a disabled classmate while he was peeing and then laughed about it… if this is true, he’s so evil, he’s a straight up devil.

2. [+873, -6] This is just terrible character. I wish to never see him again.

3. [+830, -4] If it’s true that he kicked a disabled classmate in 5th grade and then laughed about it, he’s a horrible person. What a devil. How can you be human?

4. [+346, -6] School bullying is a crime. The trauma lives on forever in the victim.

5. [+281, -5] How can you do something like this to a disabled classmate?? The devil is closer to us than you think.

6. [+237, -1] Agencies need to wake up. They need to stop with the lawsuit threats just to protect their celebrity’s image. Wait to pull out the lawsuit card until after there is substantial evidence that the rumors are truly unfounded. These instances may not seem like a big deal to these celebrities because they’re not the victims but these are traumatic memories for the victims.

7. [+128, -1] I’m so angry at the thought that this might be true. I have a limp in my leg myself and would be considered disabled by others… I was bullied a lot as a student because of it. It’s a horrifying memory for me and reading news about this now is making all those memories surface with tears and anger…

8. [+103, -0] Well it’s over for him. This country takes bullying the disabled pretty seriously. Feels like yesterday that I fell for his innocent image after ‘Sky Castle’… let’s all take this opportunity to clean out the celebrity and sports industries.

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