So, recently i’ve done a fair amount of research into the topic, but I’d like some advice or guidance in the right direction. I’ve been looking at interfaces like the Arturia Minifuse 4, MOTU M4 etc. but have now considered that maybe a mixer would suit my needs better – though I still need daw integration (Ableton) for recording.

I’m looking for a mixer or audio interface that ideally has the following features:

  • 4-8 inputs
  • multitrack recording and listening
  • can be used for both live sets and studio recording (both computer-less / with a daw)
  • onboard controls
  • audio input monitoring – visual
  • usb to computer / or power from wall
  • direct monitoring control (non essential)
  • with usb hub for micromonsta 2 + midi keyboard / overbridge (also non essential)

budget – £350

My setup is: Digitakt, Micromonsta 2, Behringer TD-3, Model:Cycles, (soon Analog Four mk1) and Mac Mini M1. I would love to be able to play with this setup live as so far I have only done a set with just the Digitakt solo.
I’ve also recently purchased a pair of Yamaha hs7 studio monitors but now just need the interface/mixer to link everything together and actually use them with my gear and computer.

Please help!
Thanks 🙂

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