I just came across this new online sync licensing platform in a Discord channel that got me so excited I had to share with everyone! Dequency is an open two-sided marketplace for sync licensing in NFTs and Metaverse projects. I spoke with a team member over at Dequency, and they stated they’ll be providing more licenses in the near future for all kinds of projects outside of NFTs and Metaverses to expand the opportunities for both the artists and content creators looking for music to license.

From my understanding, what makes them different is the fact that they’re two sided instead of one-sided (traditional route) and that they accept crypto payments as well. In doing so they’ve increased the speed of licensing for both parties because there is no middlemen, payments are instant, they’re introducing artists to a whole new marketplace (web3) and they’ve placed the control of the licensing process in the hands of the artists (upload whenever, approval rights, customizable licenses). 10/10 would recommend any and all smaller artists to check them out and join their Discord as well to keep up with the latest updates and all the links you need to learn more about them. Glad I’ve found this platform!

Discord: https://discord.gg/MG9KZwByV6

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