So I recently heard this song and I instantly feel in love with it. There’s no lyrics just humming, but it strikes something deep in me, especially given its history

Black man blinded at the age of 7 due to his stepmother, lived a very difficult life, house burnt down and had to sleep in the rubble and subsequently died from syphilis after doctors refused to treat him due to the colour of his skin. The song was then chosen to be one of 22 songs that represent humanity on the Voyager Golden Records, specifically the feeling of loneliness, abandonment, and just sad in general. Unfortunately though he never got to see his music appreciated so greatly.

I haven’t really experienced any hardships like these myself, well maybe a little but not full blown. But still, blues music helps me gain insight on those who struggled. That being said, is there any other blues music you would recommend for a beginner to start listening to?

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