I love Old Crow Medicine Show, and have seen them 5 or 6 times over the years, and spent a lot of happy money on them. Consistently one of the most fun live music experiences you can get.

But, uh.. last night’s show at the Tennessee Theater kinda seemed like a mess. I don’t mean to be a complete hater, I really like these guys and just bought a ton of their merch yet again, but I want to rant about the show I just saw.

The sound quality wasn’t great.

There was considerable confusion on stage multiple times as they invited the girls from the opening act back onstage with them clearly having no idea what they were expected to do.

The pandering to the local audience and name dropping their familiarity with the region was really, really over the top.

The fact that the band has had so, so many valuable members leave over the past couple of years was obvious. The vocal range was really diminished.

For a band with a lot of range in their catalog, this set was non-stop upbeat party songs. Whenever they did one of their slower or more thoughtful songs, they still managed to put an upbeat poppy spin on it.

And finally… well, I know they sing about cocaine a lot. And I’ve often left previous shows thinking Ketch seemed awfully… enthusiastic, but gee golly- last night he came raging out onto the stage like a wild man, but by halfway through the set he looked like a greasy mess about to pass out on stage. The decline in his demeanor was noticeable and profound.

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