During 2020 we became familiar with the work of German soul collective, PRIVATPROJEKT (that’s how they like the name to look, by the way!). Based in Hamburg (now there’s an important music city!) the outfit are marshalled by Michel Reckhard – a proper music multitasker…. he plays synthesizers, keyboards, drums, and percussion; he’s also adept at programming and song writing. He tells us that his passion is soul music. His regular associates (soul fans too) are multi-instrumentalist, Alexander Precht and guitarist Jens Salsa. To help them deliver their ideas they use a number of different vocalists, including Bonny Ferrer, Andrea Weiss, Lay G, Stefanie Schwandt and Eniola Falase. Back in January 2020, they released a mini album to whet our appetites and over the year despite the pandemic and the problems that causes the band released a string of singles like ‘Only Heaven Knows’, ‘Don’t Walk That Way’ and ‘Marvin’. They were all UK soul chart riders. Indeed ‘Don’t Walk That Way’ became a huge hit and won two fab remixes – one from J*Ski, the other courtesy of the ever-consistent Nigel Lowis Now PP have just released a full, 15 track album – confusingly called ‘Welcome’ – the same…

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Author: Bill Buckley

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