Here is a pet peeve of mine

As a community we use a lot of meaningless words to describe sounds. ‘Warm’ is one, ‘Muddy’ another, and perhaps the one that niggles at me the most: ‘Organic’.

While I understand these adjectives serve a shorthand purpose, what would be so wrong with just saying, ‘your mix will have too much low-mids’ rather than ‘the mix will be muddy’? If someone says a bass sounds ‘organic’, I truly do not know or care what they mean.

It might seem second nature to a lot of us by this point, but I’m thinking about beginners. Attaching arbitrary language like this makes learning music production online much harder. I’m many years deep into learning music production and I know I would have improved a lot faster if I didn’t have to use my own interpretation of a non-musical adjective to learn mixing.

Interested to hear any thoughts. Any adjectives like this you can get on board with, or do you find them annoying?

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