Hi, I come from r/Oasis to present to you an idea some friends and I came up with: Project Wonderwall.

We plan on making Wonderwall by Oasis the most played song of all time on Spotify.

Wonderwall might not be my favorite song of all time, or even my favorite Oasis song, but I wanted to pick an older rock song (besides Bohemian Rhapsody) with a good chance of actually conquering the charts, and I just like Oasis, so I figured Wonderwall would be a good pick.

It has over 1 billion plays already and frequently bounces in and out of Spotify’s top 100 songs of all time. We just want to take it all the way to the number 1 spot, but we can’t do it alone.

On Spotify, you only need to listen to a song for 30 seconds for it to count as a stream, so you don’t really even have to listen to the whole song. You can also just leave it on while you sleep if you want, or if you really like the song, just leave it on repeat during the day.

Start spreading this around the internet and to your friends if you like the idea. Let me know if you have any questions.

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