Hello all, I wanted to pose a quick question in regards to streaming platforms who apply loudness normalization. I’m currently working on a song which has verses 1/2 around -14db lufs, as well as verses 3/4. However inbetween those I have a bridge which clocks in at around -18 since the kicks and bassline aren’t being used during that part of the song. Will a streaming platform like YT or Spotify determine the volume they need to raise when normalization is applied to the ‘silent’ part of a song (in this case the bridge part around -18db) and will they raise the entire song with around 4db (if -14db LUFS is ‘their target’) even though only the bridge isn’t meeting that target and the rest of the song is fine. Should I try to make the bridge part louder in the mix now (even though it sounds fine right now when I’m doing a playback of the song). I find the whole mixing to adhere to a standard which is different on every streaming platform a bit confusing so if anyone could shed any light on this question I appreciate it. Thanks in advance

Edit: to clarify, I’m fairly new to paying attention to mixing so this question might be stupid

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