Hello, its me again πŸ˜„

Looking for some tech house that makes my face curl up and bring out my gun fingers πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I have a monthly show on www.musicboxradio.co.uk Next one is the 26th Jan. 9-11PM (GMT).

If you have any of your own productions you want played on the show please follow these instructions

  • Please make sure your file name is β€œArtist Name – Track Name (Original Mix/Remix/Edit etc.)”

  • Extended mixes ONLY (Nothing under 4 mins)

  • SEND LINKS that have a DOWNLOAD BUTTON (e.g. Souncloud/Wetransfer/Dropbox etc.)

  • NO email attachments!

  • MP3 ONLY!

  • Must be MASTERED, FULLY COMPLETE tracks.

Send to: antabbottdemos@gmail.com Subject Line: MBR Submission

Follow this template for your email:

Artist Name: Instagram (if you have one): Track Name: Record Label (if applicable): Release Date (if applicable): Where Your From (City, Country): Any other info:

I’ll look forward to hearing your tracks! If I don’t end up proceeding with your track, please note I’ll always email back feedback and be completely honest in the nicest possible way.


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