A Daft Punk sample led to a rare gem of the J Dilla discography.

On Monday French electronic duo Daft Punk, composed of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, announced their breakup via a video titled “Epilogue.” The group is known as one of the most influential house acts in the world, earning 13 awards and 43 total nominations for their music. The group has worked with artists like Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd and more. However, a B-side from 2004 may be one of their most notable deep cuts.

As the story goes, Slum Village’s 2001 track “Raise it Up” samples “Extra Dry” from Bangalter’s 1998 solo album Trax on Da Rocks, Vol.2. When a friend of Daft Punk’s manager Pedro Winter–a DJ and producer himself–pointed it out, he didn’t push to sue for copyright infringement. He saw the potential for a special collaboration. A meeting with Dilla followed shortly after, and the rest is history.

“Instead of losing our time and [reacting] as assholes and ask for money,” Winter explained, “I propose to the Daft boys to ask [for] a remix in exchange for the use of that sample. I met Dilla in Miami and he was of course up for it and was really friendly. He is from Detroit and electronic music never scared him. We were so happy with the result and the shout out. It was a simple and nice adventure. I feel really lucky to have met Jay Dee.”

The result was a remix of the Daft Punk single “Aerodynamic,” credited to Slum Village on a B-side to their 2004 single “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” At the time of its release, Dilla had left the group. This coincidence has led to controversy amongst J Dilla fans. Regardless, the track is worth a listen. Stream the track below or on any streaming platform.

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