ROX-TV gets an exclusive interview with Southwest Detroit’s own Pablo Pleasure. We cut it up over the music, his recent moves, and more.


Welcome to the ROX-TV universe Pablo Pleasure. We are happy to be cutting it up with you tonight. Before we get started can you let the readers and fans know what city and neighborhood you represent?

I represent Southwest Detroit, the brown side of town you feel me…where you can get the best food or the best drinks depending on your mood.

I understand that you just performed at the Chicano Fest 2021 over the weekend. How did that opportunity come about?

Yessir, it was an amazing experience and I’ll never forget it. I seen Cruisin El Barrio had posted that they were having a show and I asked them if it was possible to get in the showcase. They replied with a time for my set and the rest is history!


I was on hand for the Chicano Fest and it was a great time, full of good smoke, drinks, music, and performances. What was your favorite part of Chicano Fest?

Honestly man, my favorite part has to be the art. I loved seeing all the different art people had… especially my man’s booth that had all the canvas paintings. He was right next to the speakers all night, I could’ve stared at those paintings all night man for real.

(Author’s note: I believe that display was hosted by none other than my homie The Hood Picasso, who represents the Southwest as well. He painted a Los Drifters piece for me that was out of this world)

For all the first time readers and people just getting turned onto your music. Please tell them where they can find you on social media and also where they can buy your music?

You can find me on all social media platforms @ Pablo Pleasure Twitter, Instagram, etc. My music is available on all digital streaming platform Apple Music, Spotify…etc. You can find my music videos on YouTube by typing in Pablo Pleasure.


Now that Chicano Fest is over, what are your plans in regards to future shows or concerts? Will you be getting out there soon or is the pandemic bullshit making it hard for artists to locate places to perform?

This pandemic is definitely making it harder to perform, I had a few big shows lined up before the pandemic. I’m hoping to build the momentum back up in the future. I’m planning on dropping my second E.P as well as booking some upcoming shows soon.

How old were you when you really took an active interest in music? What were some of the first groups or artists that really got you excited?

I’ve always had a keen interest in music, but I really took it serious in 2016 and honestly haven’t put the mic down since. I was really influenced by the Temptations and after a while I just absorbed any and all music I could find… no matter the style or genre.


Did your parents musical tastes influence you as a child and/or as an artists all these years later?

Oh yeah, I mean if it wasn’t for my parents I would never have picked up an oldies CD and probably would have never started singing and practicing my harmonies.

 I understand you have a very interesting story behind “Pablo Pleasure” name. If you could tell the readers how that came about, I’m sure they would get a kick out of it.

Yessir! When I was in middle school we had a substitute teacher and every time I had her I would say some slick things and just try to make her laugh cuz I realized that would kinda keep her at ease about me slacking off in class (Certified class clown). Then one day she asked us to write down what we wanted to be when we were older, and she decided to read mine out loud.  I said “when I grow up I wanna be a pornstar”. So everyone laughed and a kid in class asked “what would your name be?” and I said on the spot “I don’t know probably like Pablo Pleasure or something like that” and the whole crowd died laughing even the teacher (As a class clown this is the moment we all strive for). So the years pass and when social media takes its hold on the world Pablo Pleasure was right there with a catchy name and an even catchier melody!


 Any upcoming releases or new material being worked on at the moment?

Oh yes, I have an EP coming up… I plan on releasing it in October, in honor of my birthday October 6th. It will be titled “Icarus” (after the fable) consisting of about 10 songs. It will be a culmination of modern HipHop and with a hint of some sweet love making RnB. Basically the musical version of myself flying too close to the sun, trying to take this musical game to a place no one’s ever gone before (hopefully my story ends a little different than the old fable). I also chose this name because as you can tell from my music, I’m very close to my father. And he was the first person I heard this story from and I feel like it was not only a warning from him but also foreshadowing of my path in a way.


 Last but not least is the shout outs. Who is Pablo Pleasure shouting out tonight?

 I wanna give a HUGE SHOUTOUT TO MY BROTHER IN MUSIC SOMBRA. If it wasn’t for him and the rest of the Southwest Eternal camp I don’t think I’d be where I am today or have the confidence to do what I do… if it wasn’t for him I’d still be second guessing myself. I wanna give a HUGE shoutout to my mother and my father, they don’t even know that much about my music, and I like it like that I like them thinking I’m just their son with this hobby, it makes the world feel a lil bigger for me and I like that feeling. And last but not least my princess Bethany and my young prince Joseph, those two are my world, I don’t have any kids of my own but those two couldn’t be anymore my children and I couldn’t love them anymore even if they were, I do this all for them…win lose or draw I want them to know, I’m just a kid chasing my dreams so my kids won’t have to second guess if they have the financial stability to chase theirs.

 Your dream is out their waiting for you, but so are your demons. Where are your choices today leading you closer to? Thank you for your time everyone! Thank you ROX-TV for having me! It’s been a Pleasure!

Well that’s about all the time we have for this interview. I want to thank Pablo Pleasure for coming to the ROX-TV website to kick it with us and share some of his world with the readers. We support what he’s doing in Southwest Detroit and we also support the scene on the ground. ROX-TV strives to give up and coming artists a platform to be seen and heard, as well as a friendly corner for our returning friends in the game. Pablo is a cool cat and I hope you give him a listen today or later on tonight when your smoking or sippin. Until next time…

Signing Off,

Mike Shepard

ROX-TV Head Writer

kidvicious810 on IG

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