Hey all! Bit of a rant here aimed at people who dont like to be mentally tortured or are new to the production game.

After upgrading my motherboard and cpu, MANY of my plugins made the transition without a hitch, absolutely no bother at all…. However Ilok and Waves have drove me to the brink of what im able to tolerate in the past 2-3 weeks.

I would strongly advise against getting any plugins that use ilok and any plugins by waves, many people will know the pitfalls of these already as the negatives are well documented, but if you are new I STRONGLY recommend skipping these, no matter how tempting the prices may be.

Nearly 3 weeks later im still getting emails from companies saying my ilok licenses are ready to use on ilok, most recently Air plugins.

The standout company was Soundtoys doing it the next day to be fair to them.

With waves ive given up, ive installed waves central a few times on the v9 installers but still am unable to get the plugins working. Basically I need to update wup to use those plugins now as they are effectively registered to a different pc even though ive only changed two parts of the pc, granted one was the motherboard.

I have spent/waited nearly 3 weeks of my life on this, a paying customer never to get those hours back lol. Rather than pay to use plugins I already own ive went through project after project taking them out and , where I could, replacing them with other plugins.

The only two compaines that I will continue using with the ilok are soundtoys and eventide. Even though Eventide took a while I use a couple of their plugins often. The rest im gonna forget about from now on. I will continue to filter these out of projects as I go.

Companies like Xfer, melda, arturia, kilohearts, plugin alliance, uhe, ikmultimedia, native instruments, etc etc were all fine and no problems at all.

A paying customer should not be made to wait to open their work, nor should they have to spend hours trying to figuring out why they cant use stuff theyve paid for.

I think waves are up to something quite sinister tbh. The others soundtoys, uvi, psp, soft tube etc are trying to protect their hard work no doubt, but theyre doing it in the most terribe way. On the grand scale of things not many are bigger than NI and their stuff is a breeze.

I wouldnt be one to post a thing like this online but Ive been so annoyed by this that even if ONE person reads this and changes thier mind about that latest Waves sale then at least thats one person ive saved 🙂 !!

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