Savvy Ways for Canadians to Indulge Their Gaming Patriotism

It’s official – there aren’t many better ways to entertain yourself than to play video games. To put the industry into perspective, total video game sales often exceed the $43 billion mark, which is equal to 164 million American players. Phys points out that three-quarters of US households have a gamer.

The Canadian gaming figures aren’t much different because it’s a popular pastime north of the border. Still, sometimes it feels as if the emphasis is on the rest of the world, not Canada. If you’re a full-blooded Canadian who wants to indulge in a little gaming patriotism, you shouldn’t worry as these tips will have you singing the national anthem in no time!

Play in Canadian Dollars

One of the most annoying things about being lumped in with America is the fact that every institution seems to think the currencies are the same. They aren’t because the Canadian Dollar is different from the US Dollar. It might look and sound similar, yet its value is its own entity. As a result, having to spend money, such as on in-play purchases or casino games, can be challenging.

Firstly, you need to work out the exchange rate. Then, you have to figure out if you can afford it. The process is frustratingly stressful, which is why it’s smarter to opt for games that accept CAD. For people who frequent online casinos, there is good news – they are easy to find since gambling platforms are starting to tailor their sites to Canadians.

Jackpot City Canada is an excellent example as, not only can you play in CAD, but you also get access to Canadian-only bonuses and promotions, and you can speak to Canadian customer service agents. There is also supplementary information such as a short review, and notable slot games too for those wanting to find out more.

Pick Unashamedly Canadian Games

The number of titles that were created and produced in Canada might surprise you. Some of the latest and biggest releases are made in the country, from Assassin’s Creed to FIFA and many more. The ESA reports that, as of 2016, 470 Canadian video game studios employed 20,000 people and contributed $3 billion to the nation’s GDP.

Savvy Ways for Canadians to Indulge Their Gaming Patriotism

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Still, most games aren’t stereotypically Canadian. How can they be if you don’t know they are produced in Canada? “The Long Dark” is different because it’s not ashamed of its roots. As a survival game, it keeps things simple by pitting players against the backdrop of a Canadian wilderness with only Mother nature for company.

Whether you’re a country boy or a city girl, you’ll instantly enjoy the sight of the maple leaf flag fluttering in the background and the snow adorning the ground on a remote island in the Canadian north.

Support Platforms That Support Canadian Titles

If you’re unaware, “The Long Dark” hasn’t been embraced by the entire gaming community, even if it has incredibly positive reviews. According to a Forbes article, the game has been removed from the GeForce Now service due to a dispute.

Fans of Canadian-produced and created releases shouldn’t like the sound of being de-platformed, which is why it’s essential to choose inclusive services. Google’s Stadia, for example, lets you stream games to devices that can’t normally play them, meaning you can immerse yourself in your heritage regardless of your platform of choice.

Seeing visuals and concepts that reflect your life is important to gamers. Thankfully, Canadians don’t have to sit on the fringes of the industry any longer in this respect.

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