Singer HyunA Swept Up In Bullying Scandal, Agency Currently Checking Facts

In the midst of celebrities getting caught up in bullying rumors, singer HyunA has also been swept up in the scandals.


Recently, alleged victim A posted on an online community board with the title, ‘HyunA I thought you would contact me first. Aren’t you the first perpetrator of school bullying?’

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They went on to reveal that they were bullied by HyunA in the fifth grade, who slapped their face, along with two other alleged victims, and wondered if she was pretending not to remember what happened.

I thought you would contact me. Do you not remember or are you pretending not to remember or are you only thinking it internally? Maybe it’s because you debuted at such an early age. All your evidence has disappeared. It’s only nowadays that we have things like Cyworld, Instagram, KakaoTalk, but you debuted so early and all your pictures from Buddy Buddy were gone as soon as you debuted as Wonder Girls.

⁠— alleged victim A

| Nate Pann

They recall being slapped in the face during the fifth grade along with two other alleged victims.

I still remember it. It was during a festival in the fifth grade. You called me and my friends out to the place we called the ‘back street’ and told us that you never thought of us as friends and that you would come and find us if we didn’t come out. As soon as we came, you slapped all three of our faces. I remember you took off their glasses and threw it, saying that it was uncomfortable for you to slap them. The reason why I never revealed any of this is because there isn’t any evidence and I thought that no one would believe me.

⁠— alleged victim A

| Nate Pann

They shared photos from the elementary yearbook, stating that this was their only piece of evidence.

The only evidence I have is our elementary school yearbook and I’m not sure if anyone will believe me but my blood boils seeing you come on TV like nothing happened. Are you even reflecting on your actions?

⁠— alleged victim A

| Nate Pann

They also asked for others who attended the same schools to step up and reveal more stories.

Any other classmates that attended Inwang Elementary or Dong Myung Girls Middle School, please leave any comments if you have anything to add.

⁠— alleged victim A

In response to this, HyunA’s agency P Nation has stated, “We are currently checking the issue.”

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Author: Danielle Song

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