What’s this? One of our favourite genres of music is ridiculous modern re-workings of old Swedish dansband classics. And we’ve got a new one! The Pineapple Squad featuring Henrik Sæter – ‘Jag Vill Vara Din Margareta’.
So it’s, like… An old party favourite re-made to suit the more schnapps-fuelled parties acoss the Nordics today. The grill fests. The midsommar weekends during which you forget whether it’s evening or morning. The efterfests when you know full well it’s morning and you should be heading home – but can’t when the music is sounding this welcoming.
Who did it originally? It was a seven-week chart topper in 1976 for Sten & Stanley. And has remained a standard of the Swedish dansband genre since then. And rightfully so.
More from The Pineapple Squad? They’ve also done re-workings of ‘Ooa Hela Hatten‘ and ‘Vill Ha Dig‘. Because of course they have.

You can find ‘Jag Vill Vara Din Margareta’ on our Best New Pop playlist. Words we’ve always dreamed that we’d write on here one day.

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