Sparkee has now won 2 massive remix contests with his signature sound the world simply can’t get enough of. Just a few months back, he beat out over 3000 entries via his flip of Tiesto’s “The Business,” now he’s won the remix contest for Ellis’s “Orbit,” one of three winners who are now featured on Orbit (The Remixes) EP, released by Monstercat. Both remixes feature that signature slap Sparkee’s unique funk sound can only deliver on.

If luck is defined as preparation and opportunity meeting at a head, Sparkee is a stark example of this. He’s committed himself to a 52 week remix contest, creating a new remix each week and live streaming the process on Twitch Thursday’s at 7PMADT.

This dude just cuts his own path with a huge emphasis on being distinctive with his own sound, originality that is rewarded in the industry by listeners and industry heads alike. If you are looking for the exciting complete package from an electronic musician, look no further than Sparkee.

Author: BrilmereChance

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