After closing out 2021 strong with breakbeat banger “Proxy,” Squired and Cerdin return to kick things off with another hard-hitting heater, “Ad Infinitum.” The track is the final part of their A/B side collaborative EP, and we’re hyped to bask in more art from these two powerhouses.

The method in which Squired and Cerdin blend these organic, primal percussive elements with these almost futuristic machine-driven vocal chops is an art form in itself. And it indeed showcases how the DnB genre has evolved over time and become more accessible to mainstream audiences.

Cerdin divulges, “Something about Squired’s sound design with the lead bass riff stood out to me as kind of this deep, smooth companion to the bold and brash energy of ‘Proxy.’” He continues, “I’m really pleased with how different they are fundamentally, but how similar they feel with the overall crossover between us. The writing sessions for Ad Infinitum felt so special because at this point we had established this wonderful friendship. It felt like this balance of where we’d grown together as musicians.”

Squired also speaks about their partnership, saying, “It’s always amazing to collaborate with somebody and have this kind of organic synergy regardless of where you are in the world. For my first show back after the pandemic, I played on a boat with Juelz, JAWNS, and Cerdin. It was the first time either of us had performed or even heard both of these tracks live. The fact that it was also the first time we got to meet in person and do that together was seriously one of the most special moments I’ve had in my career thus far.”

Listen below or find “Ad Infinitum” on your preferred mode of streaming here.

Author: Ellie Bautista

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